A 55-year-old woman was admitted with a necrotizing fasciitis soft tissue infection, septic shock, untreated diabetes and an altered mental state.

After serial debridement, she was left with a very large defect in her left lower extremity that extended upwards towards her buttocks and lower abdomen.

At post-operation day 30, the trauma team sent the patient to Dr. Nicole Kopari, M.D., F.A.C.S., Assistant Medical Director at the Leon S. Peters Burn Center, UCSF Fresno Community Medical Center, in Fresno, CA.

Dr. Kopari used PriMatrix® and a split-thickness skin graft to achieve complete wound coverage in 15 days. “Our typical pattern in our hospital probably would have been to send this patient to a rehab facility where she would have undergone dressing changes for a good two to three months before she got granulation tissue,” says Dr. Kopari.

Watch this case-specific video to hear:

    • Kopari’s approach to managing necrotizing fasciitis
    • How she determined the appropriate dermal matrix for this wound
    • Her perspective on using PriMatrix in these types of challenging wounds

For successful application, note the following warnings and precautions when using PriMatrix:

    • PriMatrix should not be used for patients with a known history of hypersensitivity to collagen or bovine products
    • Do not expose to chemicals or substances other than sterile, room temperature 0.9% saline.
    • Excessive heat can damage collagen. Do not hydrate in 0.9% saline warmed above room temperature. If, when hydrated, the product shrinks in size, DO NOT use the product as it may be damaged.
    • PriMatrix should be used with caution in regions where an infection exists or is suspected. Treat any existing infection appropriately.
    • Do not resterilize as this may damage PriMatrix.
    • Do not use if the product package is damaged or opened.
    • PriMatrix is for single patient use only.
    • Rinse surgical gloves to remove glove powder prior to touching PriMatrix.
    • Do not use product if past the date of expiration indicated on the product label.
    • Meshing of fenestrated PriMatrix is not recommended.
    • PriMatrix should not be applied directly on third degree burns.